Answering A Couple Of Questions About Eye Care


Caring for your eyesight is an important task for anyone to do. Undergoing a yearly eye exam can be one of the more effective ways to help ensure your eyesight is protected. However, there are many patients that may not be particularly informed about this routine type of examination. Once you have the answers to the following eye exam questions, you will find yourself a better-informed patient when it comes to caring for your eyes.

20 July 2016

Tips for Safe and Successful Eye Drop Usage


One of the most common medications people use is eye drops, both prescription and over-the-counter. Unfortunately, many users of these drops do not apply them properly, leading to waste and ineffectiveness. There is an art to taking eye drops that every user needs to learn. Go Slowly When the dosage is more than one drop, you should not put the drops in one after the other. Your eye needs time to absorb the medication and is not able to hold multiple drops at once.

29 April 2016

What You Should Look For In A Family Vision Care Provider


When you and your family move to a new city, one of your biggest priorities will be to get your whole family the medical care providers that you all need to build a happy and healthy life in your new home. One of the care providers that you will need to find for yourself and your family is a family vision care provider to help keep your family's eyes and vision in the best possible condition.

23 March 2016

Does Your Child's Kindergarten Teacher Suspect A Vision Problem? How To React


If you notice that your child is having a hard time with sight words, colors and other learning requirements that are associated with kindergarten, the problem could be their vision. If you've never taken the time to have you child's vision examined, they could be struggling or falling behind. A lot of parents don't realize that their child could be suffering from some type of vision impairment because the child has never seen clearly, so the child doesn't know to signal there is an issue.

16 January 2016