Tips for Safe and Successful Eye Drop Usage


One of the most common medications people use is eye drops, both prescription and over-the-counter. Unfortunately, many users of these drops do not apply them properly, leading to waste and ineffectiveness. There is an art to taking eye drops that every user needs to learn.

Go Slowly

When the dosage is more than one drop, you should not put the drops in one after the other. Your eye needs time to absorb the medication and is not able to hold multiple drops at once. The second or third drop simply runs down your face and does no good at all. Slow down so the medication can work.

When you are using several different kinds of eye drops, as many glaucoma patients do, you need to wait at least five minutes between drops, otherwise medication number two will wash out medication number one. You might be tempted to rush since you may have two or three prescription drops to take, but hurrying just means your eyes get a limited benefit from the medication.


Before you use your drops, you need to wash your hands thoroughly to prevent transferring bacteria to your eye. Some doctors recommend lying down to help keep the drop where it belongs. You should use a finger to pull down your lower lid and then, holding the medication about an inch away, squeeze in a drop. To keep the medication where it needs to be, you should close your eye for about two minutes, meanwhile keeping your index finger on your tear duct. This action prevents the drops from entering your sinuses where they travel quickly to your bloodstream and have limited benefit for your eye.

Remember to keep the tip of the bottle off of your eye; otherwise, you can contaminate it with bacteria that can cause you to develop an infection. Even after washing your hands, avoid touching your eyeball to prevent the same problem. Unfortunately, one of the easiest ways to get a virus is through the eyes, so be particularly careful when taking your drops.

If you have certain medical conditions or have had surgery, you may have a regimen of eye drops prescribed for you. Too often, patients just squeeze in their drops and move on, negating many of the benefits of the medication. When you take any type of eye drop, you need to proceed slowly and carefully in order for your eyes to benefit. Talk to an eye doctor like those at Coastal Eye Group PC to learn more.


29 April 2016

Having the Courage To Get Help With Your Vision

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